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Industrial Offer Management System (IOMS)

Industrial Offer Management System (IOMS)

Powerful web-based tool for maintaining all the details of Industrial Offers with the highest precision. Inspired by many years of experience in working in a highly competitive and dynamic environment of manufacturing companies.

The application is based on the following processes and functionalities:
  • Offers from Suppliers;
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ) from current and potential customers;
  • Technical Analysis of Operations and Raw materials needed for Semifinished and Finished Products;
  • Technical Analysis for Tools needed for manufacturing (moulds);
  • Offers to Customers:
  1. Revisions of the offers in case of change of the pricing elements;
  2. Sending Offers by email.
  • Advanced product quality planning (APQP);
  • Engineering change of Products and Tools;
  • Integration with ERP system – SQL level with direct queries or/and with import/export files;
  • And many other details related to the precise management of Customer Offers.

Used technologies:
  • Server OS: Linux
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Backend: PHP
  • Frontend: React
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