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Stanislav Yanev

Stanislav Yanev

I was born in Ivaylovgrad, where I graduated from the local high school. In 2003, at the age of 21, I graduated from the first graduating class of the National Military University "Vasil Levski" in Veliko Tarnovo, the first successful bachelor with a military specialty "Food and Material Supply" (now known as "Logistics") and a master's degree in civil specialty "Business Administration" (now known as "Management").
After gaining some experience in the Central Supply Base of the Bulgarian Army, in the logistic department of one Bulgarian and one Russian company, since 2010 I am professionally engaged in consulting, implementation and development of EPR and other business information systems, SQL, database design and administration, data analysis, work with Linux and Windows servers.
Hobby: Photography
Happily married with two children - a girl and a boy.